Best Seller Badge for a Health Care Product


increase in ad orders.

ACOS 22%

Compared to 36% in the past.

Best Seller Badge

Received in 3 months in a highly competitive niche.


Our team was approached by a Health Care brand to strategize and regain the Best Seller badge in its niche.


The brand consisted of a single, but fairly large product with different variations. Initially, sales were growing at a rate of 2X+ a year, and the product was #1 in the niche. However, as competition grew, sales declined, and eventually, the Best Seller badge was lost. All attempts to regain it had failed, and the profitability of the business had drastically declined. The brand owner turned to James Blond to remedy the situation.

Approach and Strategy:

Our team analyzed Amazon's account and financial performance to identify the main reasons for the loss of the Best Seller badge. We found low organic positions (37% organic sales share), poorly performing advertising, and challenging pricing. However, the analysis of search volume showed that YoY demand for this type of product was growing, which meant that with the right approach, a high ROI could be achieved.

After analyzing the product pages, Campaign Manager, keywords, organic ranking positions, and competitor strategies, the James Blond team took the following actions:

  • Developed and agreed upon a plan of action and budget to regain the Best Seller badge.
  • Changed the content (added Brand Story, Premium A+ content, rewrote texts with the addition of important keywords, optimized the backend).
  • Recommended launching additional color variations and gaining trends in this niche.
  • Reconfigured current campaigns with a more effective structure and optimized them to break even ACOS.
  • Launched new ad campaigns targeting the category and competitors.
  • Defined targeted keywords for which the organic ranking was improved up to TOP-4.
  • Set up ads from Google and Facebook.
  • Launched interaction with influencers on the Amazon Live platform.
  • Dealt with negative reviews, improving the variation rating from 4.2 to 4.4, which returned the listing to four point five stars.
  • Created a content plan for Amazon Posts.
  • Rebuilt the Amazon Store structure to improve the effectiveness of Sponsored Brands campaigns.
  • Scheduled Lightning Deals and 7-day Deals.


Our team successfully ranked all targeted mid- and high-volume keywords in TOP-4, resulting in increased organic traffic and sales. Improved listings helped increase conversions, which also helped optimize campaigns to ACOS 22%. The advertising budget increased 5x, and advertising orders increased 7x. Traffic from external channels and Amazon Live gave additional orders that were sorely lacking. Within 3 months, the Best Seller badge was regained in a difficult, highly competitive niche, and the brand has held onto it for over a year now.


Our team was able to reverse the declining profitability trend and help the brand to grow and succeed in a highly competitive market. We are proud to have helped the brand achieve its goals and continue to support its growth for a sustainable future..

‍* In this case study, we don't show the brand name, keywords, etc. because of the NDA we sign with each client.

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